Microsoft Teams rules

I am putting our teams rules up again to remind you all of the expectations in the online sessions.

  • Please log in to the lesson on time.
  • Always have paper and something to write with.
  • Please use your own name. When you join the meeting, you can edit the name that will be shown. This will be used to take the class register so make sure you put your proper name (no nicknames).
  • Do not unmute yourselves unless you are asked a question.I would prefer not to keep you permanently muted. To unmute yourself just click on the microphone mute icon.
  • The chat box is for you to ask me a question or for you to answer a question in. It is not a general chat box. Non-learning chat is NOT to happen in the chat box.
  • If you are allocated to a breakout room then this is the group I would like you to work with.
  • When I am sharing my screen I am no longer able to see all of you at the same time. This means that I will randomly choose someone to answer. Please ensure you are at your screen so I do not have to scroll through the whole class.
  • Please do not have the tv or any other devices on in the background and try to work in a quiet area. This will allow you to fully concentrate and limit distractions for you and for others when you are unmuted.
  • Try to eat, drink or go to the toilet before or after the lesson.


Daily Independent learning

These are short 5 minute activities for each day that can be done in the morning before the online lessons.

Daily maths can be found here:


Daily Grammar is here:

Year 5 English-autumn-morning-starter


Microsoft Teams Lessons:

The online lessons will happen in the mornings on Teams. It is important that you attend these – a register will be taken.

English 9:30-10:30

Here are the resources we will be using for todays lesson:


English Tuesday slides


Maths 12:00 – 1:00

Here are the resources we will be using for todays lesson:

Area of a square/rectangle

Yr 5 – Area and Perimeter (challenge)


Today’s Afternoon sessions:

Task 1

By now you should have recorded all the timings for your sundial (from 9am – 3/4pm)

You now need to write an explanation about what the sundial is showing.

Use this HOW TO MAKE A SUNDIAL and the Earth and Space Overview to help you.

Task 2

Go through these slides Time Zones  which explain why we experience Day and Night at different times around the world.
Use the map and the resource below to help you answer the challenge card questions.

Miss Agyemang and Mrs Paracha (Student Teacher)