Skiathos Beg: 31.10.16 and 7.11.16

The GruffaloWe are Going On a Bear Hunt


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Weeks Beginning: 31.10.16 and 7.11.16

P.E: On Thursdays please could all children have a pair of black Prim soles to wear for P.E lessons.

Reading: Your child’s reading book will be changed weekly depending on which group they are in:




Thursday-Puffer Fish


This week you will have found a new reading diary: ‘Children’s Reading Record.’ This book is for parents and carers to comment on their child’s reading and also for the class teacher to comment on reading on a weekly basis. The original yellow book is for children to draw a picture of something that they have liked from the story or to complete some extra writing.

Learning: Our topic this half term is ‘My favourite stories.’

We will be learning about key texts such as:

  • The Gruffalo
  • We are Going On a Bear Hunt!

Literacy: Over the next two weeks we will be learning about The Gruffalo and We Are Going on a Bear Hunt. During this time we will be learning about ‘wow words,’ labelling pictures and discussing what we enjoyed about the stories and sequencing.


Over the next two weeks we will be focusing on number formation and recognition, counting and simple addition.

Homework: Please support your child and help them to practise writing their name using the following handwriting script.

RWI Alphabet 

Additionally please support your child with their letter and number formation. Practise counting to 10 using various objects. Once your child is confident with numbers to 10 move on to 20 or 30.

As a challenge introduce simple addition such as: 3+2= and encourage children to use counting objects to find the totals.

Please look at the letter and number sheets attached to see how we write each letter and number.

Numerals 0-9 

The sounds covered last half term were:

  • s
  • a
  • t
  • i

Jolly Phonics Sounds Week 1:

  • p
  • n
  • c

Jolly Phonics Sounds Week 2:

  • k
  • e
  • h

This is the Jolly Phonics song to help children practice their sounds and sing along to the song.

Thank you for your support and have a lovely half term break. We will see you in the new term!!!! 

Miss Raval and Mrs Banitsiotis