Spetses and Zakynthos Home Learning 29.6.2020

Spetses and Zakynthos Home Learning 29.6.2020

Hello Spetses and Zakynthos,

We hope you are keeping well and safe. Please continue to access the sites and links online to help you with your learning at home. Well done for completing your activities and working hard! Keep it up! : )

Some parents have brought to our attention that they would like to know resources available to better support their child on learning, that may be challenging.  YouTube and BBC Bite Size have great videos to explain concepts. And lastly, teach your children numeracy methods that you know because there is always different strategies to use when trying to solve a question.

You can find this week’s daily learning activities below.

In Numeracy you will be focusing  on expanded and compact column addition, rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10 or 100 to help them estimate the sum of pairs of 3-digit numbers. They practise using compact addition, then apply skills in an investigation – an opportunity to gain further fluency. Children will practise identifying right angles; then angles less or greater than a right angle. And lastly identifying horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines.

Y3 Week 13 Day 1 Powerpoint for Teachers

Y3 Week 13 Day 1

Y3 Week 13 Day 2

Y3 Week 13 Day 3

Y3 Week 13 Day 4

Y3 Week 13 Day 5

In Literacy you will be reading the story The Queen of the Birds, told by Wilf Merttens. Either predict what might next in the tale or write a recount of what happens in the second part of the story. Suggest how a competition to discover a Y3 class King or Queen might be organised. Identify and distinguish between homophones in a set of sentences. Identify and create similes to describe a wren. List the differences between the two versions of the tale. Correctly lay-out and punctuate a conversation between the eagle and the wren. Learn and apply the rules on using the determiners a or an. Write a persuasive letter from a character in the story. And lastly, read two poems, Owl and The Sparrow. Answer questions about each one. Select your favourite poem of the two and explain why you prefer it.

Y3_Week 12_Day 1

Y3_Week 12_Day 2

Y3_Week 12_Day 3

Y3_Week 12_Day 4

Y3_Week 12_Day 5

Have a good week and look after yourselves!

Ms Young and Miss Appiagyei