Spetses and Zakynthos

Hello, children!

We miss you and hope you are safe and well. Starting this Monday, we have added a few things to help you manage your time and learning. The first thing we added is a schedule. You don’t need to follow this schedule but, can be used as an example to manage your day. All the prior work given will remain, but in addition, children can access daily learning task and on the blog. Links to the BBC learning is on the schedule.

Year 3 Daily Schedule


Time Activity Suggestions Useful Links
Before 9am Wake up Eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed, say a prayer for your day.
9.00-10.00 Learning time-NO ELECTRONICS


Complete an activity from the blog


10.00-11.00 Get moving/fresh air Get some fresh air if you can or do some exercise inside. Body Coach Kids home workout/Cosmic Yoga kids on YouTube. Or just dance.
11.00-12.00 Creative time-NO ELECTRONICS Lego, drawing, reading, baking, painting etc.
12.45-13.00 Reading time-NO ELECTRONICS Book, newspaper or magazine.
13.00-14.00 Quiet time Reading/puzzles/rest
14.00-15.00 Learning time Mathletics, spellodrome, purplemash,


www.getepic.com (use class code)





Week start 20.4.20

Y3 Week 3 day 1

Y3_Week3_Day1_Use a fraction wall to compare pairs of fractions

Y3_Week3_Day2_Use a fraction wall to order groups of fractions

Y3_Week3_Day3_Find pairs of fractions that add to 1

Y3_Week3_Day4_PowerPoint 2 for Teachers

Y3_Week3_Day4_Write and draw analogue and digital clock times

Y3_Week3_Day5_Match analogue and digital clock times_quarter hour increments