Good morning todays learning is below;

Please remember to email your learning to reception@st-cyprians.croydon.sch This includes any other learning you have been doing or any experiences you have had this week. 


Group 1 task 

Review the sounds ‘m,a,s,t,d,’ please ensure that your child is able to say these sounds correctly and recognise them.

Task- Find 5 separate containers/trays label each one with a different sound from the list above. Explain to your child that they are to find as many objects around the house that they can to put in each container. Fill a tray or a large plate with flour/rice/shaving foam. Have your child practice the formation of each of the letters above in the tray until they can do so with the correct formation.  (please see the document attached below with the correct formation and rhymes used at school)

read write inc letters and rhymes

Group 2 task.

Please watch the video below with the children to review blending of CVC words and recognise ‘ap’ words.

Word Family _ap | Word Families 5 | We Tap on a Map | Phonics | Little Fox | Animated Stories – YouTube

Task: Use the document below to create an ‘ap’ family phonics plate, if you do not have paper plates or split pins, you can use paper and simply create two circles and a straw to keep them together or simply place one onto of the other.

CVC word plate templates

Group 3 task

Review the digraphs ‘sh’ ‘ch’ ‘th’ with your child and introduce the new sound ‘ng’ using the video below.

Mr Thorne Does Phonics – ng – YouTube

Task: Please use the document below as a guidance to create a ring toss game with your child either print it out or create your own version of the game ensure your child is reading the word and not using pictures to say what they have landed on.

Ring Toss Game

Adult Guidance Ring Toss Game

Complete the diagraph sentence worksheet matching sentences to the correct pictures.

Sentence Match Activity Sheet


Please use the PowerPoint attached looking at finding 1 more using a PowerPoint. Please follow the instructions on the final slide, answering the number sentences shown.

1 more on a number line maths powerpoint

If you are unable to open this PowerPoint please review finding 1 more with your child and answer the questions in the document below.

Thursdays maths task


Our RE this week is focusing on ‘God creating the world’ We will be learning about things that god made in the sky. Show your children the PowerPoint below and explain the first part of the creation story.

God created the Sky

Thinking about this story ask your child to draw a picture of the sky and all the things in the sky that God made.


Don’t forget!

Your Challenge this week is to build a rocket, please use any materials you have at home to build a ‘Space Rocket’ we look forward to seeing the end results.

Thank you to all those that have been working hard the past week we have really enjoyed seeing all the things you have been doing.


Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi