Firstly I would like to acknowledge the issues with yesterdays blog, the work was uploaded and scheduled to go live at 8am as usual, due to technical  issues this did not happen for some of you  and as I understand some of you were unable to see the blog until later in the afternoon. Please note we are aware of this and understand if any learning yesterday was missed. 


Group 1

Please work through the video below with your child and practice sounding out and blending sounds together to read the CVC words in the video.

Reading CVC Words and Simple Phrases – YouTube

After watching the video please complete the CVC word sheet below.

CVC Pics and Words practice

Group 2

Revise yesterdays new digraph ‘sh’ and ensure that your child is aware that this sound is made up of two letters that stay stuck together.

Today we will be learning another digraph ‘ch’ please watch the video below to learn the ch sound.

Geraldine the Giraffe learns /ch/ sound – YouTube

After watching the video and practicing the ‘ch’ sound use the document below and see if your child can write the words to go with the pictures in the document.

ch worksheet

Group 3

Before beginning todays lesson, we would like you to create flash cards of the digraphs that you already know; every time you learn  a new digraph, you are going to add a new flashcard, until you have created your own set. You can then use these throughout the day to practice your sounds and also play games with them to learn them. e.g. run to the correct sound, sound splatting, jumping on sounds and saying them etc.

The digraphs you should know so far are; sh,ch,th,ng,nk, ay,ee.

Todays sound is a ‘trigraph’ this works in the same way as a digraph but it has 3 letters that make one sound. Please watch the video below.

Phonics Lesson – Set 2 ‘igh’ sound for Reception and Year 1 – YouTube

Try writing some words that have the ‘igh’ sound in them, using the sheet below.

igh word fill in


Use the PowerPoint below and work through the activities in it with your child practicing subtracting numbers from a group using a number line and creating a number sentence.

Subtraction powerpoint

Once you feel your child has a good understanding of subtraction use the sheet below to help your child answer some subtraction questions, using a number line for guidance

subtraction using a number line


Use the PowerPoint below to remind your child of their RE learning from last week, where we learnt that God made things in the sky. Note the 2 added slides at the end of the PowerPoint and discuss with your child that God also made the land.

God created the the land

Ask your child to think about the land and what God created to go on the land e.g plants and tree’s, animals and humans.  Please be sure to correct any misconceptions that God made houses, cars etc.

You may wish to use the video below to give your child some inspiration as to what God may have created on the land.

How God created the earth History for kids – YouTube

Recall your child’s learning from last week of things God made in the sky. Today your child can either add to last weeks picture or create a new picture of things that God made on the land e.g Grass, plants, animals and humans.  


Don’t forget

Weekly Challenge- Your challenge this week is to create your own transport story, using the naughty bus story as inspiration.

Naughty Bus – YouTube

You could use a bus or a different vehicle, if you do not have a toy one, you can make/draw one.

How you present your story is up to you, below are some ideas. 

  • Draw pictures and have an adult scribe your story.
  • Take photographs of your vehicle in different situations and use these to scribe a story.
  • Create a short video of your story.
  • Create a video of you telling your story.

What will your vehicle get up to, we cant wait to find out!

Also please be aware that you should have received a message from school with a link to a video meeting with your child’s class on Friday 22nd January at 2pm. We will be sharing a story with the children and giving the children a chance to see and hear each other as well as their teachers. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible and are excited to catch up. If you did not receive this link please let us know so that we can send this out to you. 

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi.