Group 1

Please use the PowerPoint below to review all letter sounds with your child ensuringt hat they say the sounds correctly.

letter sounds Powerpoint.

If you have been able to print the CVC activity booklet then please spend some time working on some of the pages from this, if not then have your child play the game attached below and the write some of the words from the game focusing on sounding the word out independently.

Pick A Picture (


Group 2

Please spend some time reviewing the digraphs taught this week, maybe play a game ‘find the sound’ using the flash cards you have made across the week. Have word child find the digraph you say from around the room or from a group of sounds.

Todays new sound is going to be the ‘qu’ sound, please watch the video below with your child;

Mr Thorne Does Phonics – Episode QU – YouTube

Spend some time looking around your house with your child can they find any objects around the home with the ‘qu’ sound in ‘to make it a little more engaging and fun you may wish to give your child a magnifying glass so that they can hunt for the sound (you could always make a paper one if you don’t have 1 it will have the same effect) or time your child against the clock, you could race against your child, who can find an object and bring it back the quickest?

Once you and your child have found some objects can they label them and take a picture. If you are unable to find any ‘qu’ words around your home you can use the list below and label those pictures.

qu word pictures


Group 3

Spend some time reviewing previous digraphs- sh,ch,th,ng,nk,ay,ee,igh,ow,oo,oo. Explain to children that at the end of todays phonics learning they are going to need to use all of these digraphs to help them read a book.

Todays new sound is ‘ar’ as in the word star, Please watch the video below;

Phonics Lesson – Set 2 ‘ar’ sound for Reception and Year 1 – YouTube

Now please spend some time with your child looking at the green words below and sounding them out, most of the words your child should be able to sound out independently using some of the new digraphs that they have learnt and sound that they already know.

green words ‘Jam tart’

Once your child is familiar with these words please read the book linked below, it is from the oxford owl website so you may need to log in from the link.

\Orange Set 4 Non-fiction 1 Jam tarts (

While your child is reading the book please have them keep a special eye out for todays sound ‘ar’ and after they have read the book can they remember any of the ‘ar sounds that they saw and write them into their books. They may need to revisit some of the book to recall all of the ‘ar’ words.



Review with your child the 3D shape learning from yesterday, watch the 3D shape song together to remind them of the names of the shapes.

3D Shapes I Know (solid shapes song- including sphere, cylinder, cube, cone, and pyramid) – YouTube

Now spend some time with your child, ask them to describe the pictures in the document below using the names of the 3D shapes I have given some examples along with the first picture, Please write down the description that your child gives and then encourage them to add to it using more description

3D robot description

Maths challenge: Can your child do this task independently? Give your child some 3D shape (using any objects you have around the home) can they spend some time making their own 3D robot. 


Take a moment with your child to go through the PowerPoint below remembering the learning from the previous 2 weeks; ‘God made things in the sky’ and ‘God made things on the land’ Todays focus will be ‘God made Things in the sea’ 

God created the the sea

Please use the PowerPoint to complete todays task. If you are unable to open todays PowerPoint the task is below;

“Use the video below to create an underwater scene of things that God made in the sea. “

Under the sea: Ocean animal moves [FREE RESOURCE] – YouTube


Don’t forget there will be a video call for both reception classes today it would be great to see you all. Kefallonia: 2:00 and Corfu 2:30 please speak to the office if you have not received a link. 

Also tomorrow is Friday so don’t forget to complete your weekly challenge. 

Look forward to seeing you all today.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi