Zoom rules


  • Please log in to the lesson on time.
  • Always have paper and something to write with.
  • Please use your own name. Many of you are using someone else’s zoom and it shows their name which is fine. However, you can click on the small blue box in the top right corner of the box with you in once you are logged in. This will then allow you to rename yourself. DO NOT make up a name, keep changing your name or call yourself admin.
  • Do not unmute yourselves unless you are asked a question. I would prefer not to keep you permanently muted. To unmute yourself just click on the microphone mute icon.
  • The chat box is for you to ask me a question or for you to answer a question in. It is not a general chat box. Non-learning chat is not to happen in the chat box.
  • If you are allocated to a breakout room then this is the group I would like you to work with.
  • When I am sharing my screen I am no longer able to see all of you at the same time. This means that I will randomly choose someone to answer. Please ensure you are at your screen so I do not have to scroll through the whole class.
  • When I share my screen I cannot see the chat box. Therefore please do not try to ask too many things and send too many messages. I will keep looking at the chat box but it is easier if the messages are relevant.
  • When I share my screen I am happy for the class to write the answers on the screen when I ask. However, I will ask individual children to take turns to do this. No one is to draw on the screen and I can see the names of everyone who writes on it!
  • Please do not have the tv on in the background. This is distracting for everyone when you are unmuted.
  • Please do not play video games at the same time as the lesson.
  • No mobile phones during the lesson.
  • Try to eat, drink or go to the toilet before or after the lesson.


Daily Independent learning


Daily maths can be found here https://corbettmathsprimary.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/gold-dec-3.pdf


and answers for yesterday are here https://corbettmathsprimary.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/ans-gd-2.pdf



Daily Grammar is here (answers on page 2) grammar 3 dec


For your reading and comprehension today I would like you to listen to the following:




and then write in no more than 150 words what happened.



Zoom lessons



In your English lesson today you need to have open a copy of the poem which is here

The Lady of Shalott poem



The maths is the following two powerpoints and pdfs

ppt 1





Afternoon topic learning


Please continue with this from yesterday.


What was the British Empire?


You should research the British Empire during Victorian times and produce a 2 page information text which includes both aspects of history and geography.


To start you off you can find some sources here but you should also do further research online. Remember to analyse the sources using the LACE method as we have been doing in class


LOOK: Describe what you can see

ASK: What questions do you need to ask, and answer, to make sense of what you have seen?

CONCLUDE: What have you learned about the British Empire from this source?

EXPAND: What more would you like to know about? How can you find out?




I would like you to write an essay which will answer the following questions:


  • What did Britain gain from having an Empire?
  • Was the British Empire good for the countries that were a part of it?
  • What is your opinion of the British Empire?