Hi All Year 4s,

This week your activities are as follows:

History: Create your very own instructions about how to make a mummy.

Make sure you include:

Utensils, Ingredients, Method, Fronted adverbials.

Geography: Research any river on Earth, then create an information sheet about it. You could make a poster, or you could use 2write on purple mash and just write some bullet points about it.

RE: Draw a storyboard of the parable of the good Samaritan, then write a short explanation saying what we can learn from this story that Jesus told while in the temple.

Art: Instead of writing your diary I would like you to create a visual diary. Instead of writing what you did during the week, have a go at drawing it in small pictures. They do not need to be very detailed but try spend some time on them. Examples can be found all over the internet.