English (9.30am)

Please do not forget to practise your spellings! I have posted them on the blog or you can simply type in ‘year 5 and 6 spellings’ into google. We will have a mini challenge of three spellings every Wednesday and Friday.

Tuesday 12th PPT

Tuesday 12th PPT

Maths (10.30am)

Mastery Day 2

Ordering Fractions pdf

Ordering Fractions – Activity Sheet

Greek (2pm)-

Please check the Greek page

Topic- Independent learning

#Lesson Presentation Victorian Prisons

Activity Sheet Diary – Editable

Activity Sheet Diary

#Success Criteria Grids Victorian Prisons


Please do not forget to exercise daily, Joe Wicks is uploading videos on YouTube every day that the whole family can take part in!

You could also follow this PE lesson: PE Lesson