Good morning todays learning is below;


Group 1 task

Please play the game below with your child reviewing letter sounds. Please make note of which sounds they are unsure of and review these with them.

Then use either the pictures below or some objects from around your home and have your child write the sound that each word begins with.

initial letter sound sheet

Group 2 task.

Please practice reading CVC words with your child using the game below.

Please then use the sheet attached to have children cut and stick the relevant letters in the words. If you do not have a printer this can be achieved easily using a piece of paper and some scissors.

CVC words cut and stick

Group 3 task

Please watch the video below and then see the PowerPoint attached;

Please practice reading ch words and then writing a sentence using ‘ch’ words and ‘sh’ words.

group 3 ch powerpoint.


This week our focus will be ‘finding 1 more’; Please go through the PowerPoint below with your child and ensure that they understand the concept of adding 1 more to a given number.

1 More PowerPoint

Using the Numicon that you made yesterday give your child a number and ask them to use the Numicon to find 1 more. If you did not manage to complete your Numicon, you can use any objects or toys from around your home. Keep practicing and encourage your child to notice the pattern that the number increases by 1 each time you can use the number square given in their red book to show your child the number increasing each time.


Please review the story visited yesterday ‘Whatever next’. Have your child retell the story with you by either pausing the video or telling the story together from memory (children could use their sequencing from yesterday to assist with this.)

Writing task- Ask your child to imagine that they are going to the moon with baby bear, you could role play this with your child and set up a ‘picnic on the moon’.

Explain that you need to know what to bring for a picnic on the moon like baby bear. Have your child think of 5 things they would like to take to the moon. The task for today is to write a list of things they would take to the moon, please remind your child that when writing a list each item goes below the next and we can distinguish between each item with either a number or a bullet point.  Please allow your child to sound out each item and accept phonetically plausible answers. Children should not be copying if your child needs support please help them sound out each word and use the sound mat in their red books to support them. Please then email these to

Don’t forget!

Your Challenge this week is to build a rocket, please use any materials you have at home to build a ‘Space Rocket’ we look forward to seeing the end results.

Well done to those of you who have been able to access yesterdays learning and we look forward to seeing more as the week progresses.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi