Group 1

Review set 1 sounds with your child using the sound mat provided from school.

Please watch the video below with your child and practice reading the CVC words along with the video.

Practice Blending Sounds for Reading- CVC Words – YouTube.

After watching the video please complete the task below;

CVC words

Group 2

Please review the sentences that you wrote with your child yesterday and remind them that CVC words can go together to form short sentences. Read through some of their sentences from yesterday together. If you did not complete the task yesterday please see Mondays learning below.

Once you have read some of the sentences from yesterday remind your child of the rules of a sentence they must have a capital letter, full stop and most importantly spaces between your words.

Show your child the two pictures below and have them write a short sentence for each one.

CVC word sentences

Group 3.

Today group 3 will be beginning set 2 sounds.


Please watch the video by ‘Miss Hopper’ and then complete the ‘ay’ sound word worksheet below.

ay sound words



Today we will continue finding 1 less. Use the washing line activity below, take one away each time by crossing it out and count the total.

1 less pictures

If you feel like your child is confident in finding 1 less use the dinosaur counting sheet below to find 1 and 2 less using the subtraction symbol.

finding 1 and 2 less


Please review the ‘Naughty bus story from yesterday, either using yesterdays video or the PDF below;

Naughty Bus PDF

Talk to your child about what the naughty bus did during the story, can they name some of the things he did that made people think he was ‘naughty’.

Task: Using the pictures below ask your child to think of 3 things that the bus did, can they write a sentence for each one. If your child is still learning to write sentences you could start the sentence for them and have them fill in the words that they can sound out like bus and dog.

Naughty bus story pictures.

Thank you, we hope you enjoy your learning today.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi.