Good morning todays learning is below;

Please remember to email your learning to reception@st-cyprians.croydon.sch This includes any other learning you have been doing or any experiences you have had this week. 


Group 1 task 

Review set 1 sounds from Mondays video.

Ask your child to take some time to go and collect 10 different items from around the house, bring the items together and explain the you are going to label the items with the correct letter. Encourage your child to listen and say the first sound in the word e.g a-a-apple. write the correct letter and label the item (children can use the sound mat to assist with this.). If your child finds this easy encourage them to listen to the word carefully, can they hear any other sounds in the word e.g ap-p-pple.

Group 2 task.

Please see the video below.

at Words for Kids | Reading at Words | at Words for Preschool | Learning Time Fun | at Words Phonics – YouTube

Please use the at word puzzle below, show the children just the picture and initial sound, can they say what the word would be with ‘at’ added and write it.

Jigsaw at

Group 3 task

Please review the two diagraphs learnt previously; ch and sh.

Today we are going to review the th sound; please watch the video below.

Please use the sheet attached to sort the ‘th’ words into those that are real words and those that are nonsense/alien words. If you do not have a printer you can write these in your child’s book and have them colour all the real words one colour and the nonsense words another.

th colour words.


Please remind your child of previous learning this week, using Numicon to find 1 more. practice 2 or 3 of these.

See PowerPoint below task attached on final slide- finding 1 more on a number line.

1 More PowerPoint


Todays science task is to create your own rainbow liquid. The children will learn about the density of different liquids and that liquids do not always mix.

rainbow jar

Don’t forget!

Your Challenge this week is to build a rocket, please use any materials you have at home to build a ‘Space Rocket’ we look forward to seeing the end results.

Well done to those of you who have been able to access yesterdays learning and we look forward to seeing more as the week progresses.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi