Group 1.

Please watch the video below from Miss Panayi

Please now complete the activity below.

CVC Word and Picture Interactive Matching Activity (

Group 2.

Your child should now be confident in Reading and writing CVC words and can continue working on writing these. We will now be learning some more sounds. Please explain to your child that we will be learning a new sound that is made up of two letters that stick together, this is called a digraph.

Please watch the video below to learn the digraph ‘sh’

Geraldine the Giraffe learns the /sh/ sound – YouTube

Please now work through the ‘sh’ booklet and practice writing the words below  with your child in the same way they have been writing their CVC words;

Shop, ship, fish, bash, wish.

sh sound booklet

Group 3

Recap the sound ‘ay’ taught yesterday. please then see the video below teaching the ‘ee’ digraph.

Phonics Lesson – Set 2 ‘ee’ sound for Reception and Year 1 – YouTube

Play the roll and read game below. Children roll a dice and read the word next to that number, crossing out the words as they read them. You could take it in turns to roll and read with your child and see who can read the most words. Can they write these words without looking.

ee roll and read game


Toady you will need either some Lego or building blocks of some sort, If you do not have any of these use any household item and create groups rather than towers.

Using  the sheet below have your child create a tower with the number on the sheet then ask them to take 1 away and write the answer and them using the original tower them add 1 and write the answer. Continue doing this until the sheet is complete.

1 more 1 less brick worksheet

Can your child write 4 number sentences to go with these calculations, 2 addition and 2 subtraction. For example 2+1=3 or 2-1=1.



This week we will be thinking about materials that absorb. What does this mean? Work through the PowerPoint below with your child thinking of absorption as materials that suck things up. Show your child an example of absorption using materials around the home, e.g Kitchen roll, washing up cloth, tea towel, sponge.

absorption Powerpoint

Using the knowledge you now have complete the science experiment below on how to create your own rainbow.

Grow your own rainbow experiment instructions.


Please also remember to complete your weekly challenge by Friday.

Weekly Challenge- Your challenge this week is to create your own transport story, using the naughty bus story as inspiration.

Naughty Bus – YouTube

You could use a bus or a different vehicle, if you do not have a toy one, you can make/draw one.

How you present your story is up to you, below are some ideas. 

  • Draw pictures and have an adult scribe your story.
  • Take photographs of your vehicle in different situations and use these to scribe a story.
  • Create a short video of your story.
  • Create a video of you telling your story.

What will your vehicle get up to, we cant wait to find out!

We hope you enjoy todays learning, thank you to all of you who have been sending us your learning it has been lovely to see all of your fantastic work.

Miss Hopper and Miss Panayi