Week Beginning 29th June 2020

Good Morning Year 5!

We hope that you have had a wonderful week and enjoyed the sun !

This week you’ll be completing a writing task on Purple Mash. Follow this link to watch the video ‘Francis’ https://www.literacyshed.com/the-ghostly-shed.html

You will need to watch the video and describe the ‘boat scene’ using fronted adverbials, lots of description and imagery and show don’t tell  e.g. rather than saying she was scared, you could say ‘she felt herself breathing heavily as her heart was jumping out of her chest’.

On Mathletics, you have some multiplication and division tasks to complete

Please continue to use these great resources recommended by the Department for Education. They are broken down into daily tasks.

Make sure you are reading daily – this is an important skill to maintain and also a great way to spend your time.

If you would like to continue to use the resources we’ve uploaded weekly, then you can find these below:


Year 5 Week 14 Day 1

Year 5 Week 14 Day 2

Year 5 Week 14 Day 3

Year 5 Week 14 Day 4

Year 5 Week 14 Day 5



Y5 Week 14 Day 1

Y5 Week 14 Day 1 Powerpoint

Y5 Week 14 Day 2

Y5 Week 14 Day 3

Y5 Week 14 Day 4

Y5 Week 14 Day 4 Powerpoint

Y5 Week 14 Day 5


Have a good week!

Mr Loizou and Miss Agyemang