Transport – Review

This week we will be reviewing all the learning so far about different modes of transport.


Task 1: English – Read the book ‘Emergency. We have read this book before when we were leaning about people who help us. This time we are going to focus on the mode of transport used for each emergency.

Can you draw a picture that shows 1 mode of transport that we use on the road? in the sky? and in/on the water?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 15. Count to 15 using this number line. Watch the video.

What two numbers make up the number 15? Can you practise writing the number 15? 1- straight down, 5 – across, down, big fat tummy! make sure they are next to each other as they are friends. 

Task 3: Well being February – 1st February – What makes you happy? Draw anything at all that expresses your happiness.


Task 1: RE – God made all living things. You need to go back to your picture from the past few weeks. You should have drawn the sky, the land and the water already. Today I want you to add all living things! Can you draw or stick pictures of animals/people to the sky, the land and the water. After God made the world he then took the next day to rest. Recap over the story using this PDF.

Adam-and-Eve-Story living things

Task 2: Science – Under and over. We were learning about over and under in class before the Christmas holidays and we would like you to explore this at home this week. Watch the video of Kit and Pup. Find a basket of objects and a chair. Can you put your objects under the chair? Can you put your objects on/over the chair?

Task 3: Well being February – 2nd February – Create a picture of calm by cutting out pictures that are calming for you. Stick them to a piece of card and hang it up in your room.


Task 1: Maths – Read the book ‘One is a snail, ten is a crab’. This story focuses on counting how many legs are on the page. It could be one animal/creature it could be more.

  • Triangles/crosses – Count how many legs their are on each page. Can you write the numbers?  Focus on pages up to 20 is 2 crabs.
  • Squares – Introduce calculations, the snail has 1 leg the person has 2 legs how many legs are altogether? Focus on pages up to 20 is 2 crabs.
  • Circles – Introduce calculations, the snail has 1 leg the person has 2 legs how many legs are altogether? Focus on pages up to 20 is 2 crabs. Read the rest of the story and talk about counting in 10’s.

Task 2: Phonics – Make the sounds. Introduce the sounds m, a, n, b, e, d, p. i, g, t, o, make sure the the children are saying the sounds correctly. 

  • Suns – How many 3 letter words can you make using these sounds?
  • Moons– Can you spell these words (man/bed/pig/top)
  • Diamonds/crosses – What sound can you hear at the start of these pictures


Task 3: Well being February – 3rd February – Draw a large heart on a piece of paper and fill it with colour to represent how you are feeling right now.


Task 1: RE – The Three Hierarchs. The Three Hierarchs were three very special people many years ago. They were all great at doing something but when they came together as a team they were an amazing team. We celebrate them as a team on the 30th January every year. Read the PDF and talk about what they were good at.

Can you draw a picture of yourself and tell me what you are good at?

The Three Hierarchs PDF

Task 2: Phonics – Talking bag. Please say the sounds with the video first (stop when it gets to stretchy vowel sounds).

Listen to the track and remember the tune as you may want to sing it yourself each time rather than play it each time. Have a few objects from your home in a bag/bowl here are a few ideas: bag/tin/pig/hat/cup/cat/rat/pan/van/pen

  • Suns – Can you say the sounds in your object and then write your word down?
  • Moons – Can you repeat the sounds that are in the word?
  • Diamonds/crosses – What sound does your object start with?

Task 3: Well being February – 4th February – If you could choose an animal to turn into for one day, which animal would you choose and why? Can you draw it?


Please use today to complete anything you did not get a chance to do this week.

Please send me some pictures of your learning so that I can add them to our celebration page.

Task 1: Please watch this video which will review our transport learning and how God made the world! Talk about transport and the world while watching the video.

A Story on Transport – English Educational Videos | Little Smart Planet – YouTube

Task 2: Here is a maths game you game have a go at!

Helicopter Rescue – Mental Maths for 4 to 8 Year Olds (

  • Circles – Find a number from 1-30
  • Squares – Find a number from 1-20
  • Triangles/crosses – Find a number from 1-10

Task 3: Here are some stories you could share today or over the weekend:

Task 4: Well being February – 5th February – What is in your mind right now? Draw a huge thinking bubble and fill it with drawings.

Well done for all you home learning! I would love hear from you and to see what you are up to!

Please contact me at

Best wishes, Mrs Herne