Transport – In the sky

This week we will be focusing on transport you might use and see in the sky.


Task 1: Read the story ‘Whatever next’, use this link if you want to watch the story.

  • Ask the children if they can remember what baby bear used to go to the moon. (box/colander/wellies/teddy/owl/food for a picnic/aeroplane).
  • Can you find these things in your house? If not can you think of something else you could use? Can you tell the story using what you found?

Task 2: I would like you to make a mode of transport that flies in the sky. Please watch this video that shows you all the different kinds transport that fly in the sky. What will you make?

Here are some ideas.


Task 1: Maths – This week we are learning the number 12. Watch number blocks number 12. Number 12 comes after number 11, see the picture. Practice writing your numbers to 12. 

Counting cakes, please use this link  (You may need to use a computer to play the game.)

Triangles/crosses – Numbers to 10

Squares/circles – Numbers to 15

Task 2: Phonics – My little ear. The song looks at words starting with b, c and g. The children have to sort out which pictures have which sound. These are the words: (I will attach the pictures if you would like to print them out and use the to sort the sounds)

  • b – bag/box/bear
  • c – comb/cup/cat
  • g – girl/glass/glove

Diamonds/crosses – Focus on saying the words and listening for the sound.

Moons – Can you think of any other objects that make the same sounds? (You may want to find some objects from your home that have the same sounds)

Suns – Can you write the words grouping the sounds together.


Task 1: RE – God made the world. Read the start of the creation story. (we will be adding the next part of the story as the weeks go on) Adam and Eve Story part 1

Can you create your own creation picture? This week can you draw/paint the sky and everything God made in the sky (except the animals). Keep the picture as we will need it next week.

Task 2: Phonics – Dizzy the dinosaur. Listen to the music a couple of times and encourage the children to join in.

  • The song focuses on the sound ‘d’. Can the children pick out which words start with the sound ‘d’? (Dizzy/Dolly/Danny/dinosaur/dancing/day)
  • Now can you hear the words that start with the following sounds? h, c, j, w, n, p, s.                                                                                                                                                                                                   (h – happy hopping/c- careful crunching clever climbing/j- jerky jiving/w- wobbly wobbling/p- perfect popping/steady stomping/n- noisy nibbling)

Diamonds/crosses – Can you draw a picture of Dizzy, Danny and Dolly dinosaur? I wonder what they look like?

Moons – Can you find one thing around your home that starts with each sound d, h, c, j, w, n, p and s?

Suns – How many 3 letter words can you make using these sounds? d, h, c, j, w, n, p, s, a and e?


Task 1: Science – We are going to have some fun things that happen in the sky. First of all you need to get these things together for the experiment. Then watch the video and see if you can create your own hurricanes!

You might also like to try making wind using a bottle, water and glitter . Fill the bottle with water (and food colouring if you like) and then add some glitter. Can you move the bottle and make the wind move fast and slow?

Task 2: Phonics – Cheeky Chimps. The song focuses on the sounds ch, sh and th. Listen to the music and encourage the children to join in. Use these pictures to help you say the sounds correctly.

Can you find the words that make each sound?

  • ch – cheeky/chimp/cheerful/charming/chick/chirps/children
  • sh – shaggy/sheep/shave
  • th – thinks/things/thingamijig

Diamonds/crosses – Can you draw a picture of a chimp, a sheep and a thingamijig? Can you write the sound next to each one?

Moons – Can you find one thing around your home that starts with each sound ch, sh and th? Can you practice writing the sounds?

Suns – How many 4 letter words can you make using these sounds? ch, sh, th, o, i, p, n? Use can use these wheels to help you if you are able to print at home. sh ch th wheels


Please use today to catch up on anything you may have missed in the week, please don’t forget to send me your learning its been great looking at what you have been doing at home.

On a Friday we would normally have a PE lesson. Keeping fit and our bodies moving is very important. Here are some fun activities you could do:

  • Bean game: We have a range of beans that I call out and the children have a move they do to each bean. Jelly bean – wobbly your body/string bean – stretch up tall/broad bean – make yourself fat and wide/baked bean – curl up like a ball/French bean – say “oh-la-la”/runner bean – run around/coffee bean – run in a very crazy and silly way.
  • Warm up time video –
  • Throwing and catching a ball.

 Please don’t forget to send me photos! I would love to see what you have been up to at home.

Reading: I have been sent a great reading website which I think you would enjoy! It has stories you can read together or stories you can listen to. Please email me at and I will send you the link and the password. Well done to those of you that have have sent me your learning, its great to see so keep up the amazing work! I have emailed these parents already with your log details.

Have a great weekend!

Well done for all your hard work and support at these tricky times, Mrs Herne