Week beginning 15.06.20 Year 4


As we are sure you are aware, a lot has been happening across the world recently, many people are out protesting for equality. We hope you are all well and safe and in light of current events, this week for your learning we would like you to discuss the topic of racism using votes for schools. Parents and carers, I have attached a letter giving you some more information about this. The children are used to using votes for schools within the classroom so they should have a good understanding of how to create a piece of writing around this topic.



After you have done this piece of writing, you could also create a piece of artwork to promote equality and email any you have done to the office. We could then upload some on the blog for the following week for you all to have a look at!

Maths learning:


Literacy learning:


We hope you have a wonderful week! Remember, injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.