Transport – On the land

This week we will be focusing on transport you would use on the ground, on roads and tracks.


Task 1: Read the story ‘The train ride’

  • If you were on a train what might you see out of the window? Can you draw a picture of what you can see out of your window?
  • Can you make a train or carriage and send me pictures of your train? I would like to put them together to make one long Thassos train!


Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 13. Watch the video.

Number 13 comes after 12 and is made up of 2 numbers, number 1 and 3. Practise writing the number 13 and any others you would like to practise. 


Task 1: Science – Long and short. Watch ‘Kit and Pup’ which will explain what long and short is. (you may need to download/register for BBC iplayer)

Can you explore long and short at home? be creative: 

  • measuring everyone’s feet in you home, which one is the shortest? which one is the longest?
  • if you have a train track can you make a short train and a long train?
  • line up blocks on the floor, can you make a long line and a short line?

Task 2: Phonics – Out to play. This track focuses on sounds you hear outside so you may want to recap with the children things they can hear from outside and inside. (cars/aeroplanes/birds/doors/people walking etc)

I have attached the pictures for each part of the song for you to use while you play the song. out to play


Task 1: Maths – 2D shape. Look at these shape picture cards, can the children name each shape. shapes

Now can you play this shape quiz? I have attached a PowerPoint version as you can play the quiz.  2D shape quiz If you do not have PowerPoint you can use this PDF, can the children tell you what each shape is called? 2D shape quiz

  • Rectangles – Can you find any of these 2D shapes in your home?
  • Anyone not in rectangles can you find some 3D shapes around your home? Use this to help you.

Task 2: Phonics – Say it. This track focuses on different sounds you can make with your mouth. Play the track and explore making different voices. You may want to use your child’s name and say it in different ways. 


Task 1: RE – God made the land. you will need your picture from last week, God made the sky. Recap the story using the updated creation PDF. Adam-and-Eve-Story part 2

Today I would like you to add everything on the land, grass/road/plants/flowers/rocks to your picture. 

Task 2: Phonics – Today I would like you to recap over the sounds that we were learning in class. Please say the sounds using this video to help you. (focus on set 1 only)

  • Suns – Can you make as many 3 letter words as you can using these sounds? m, a, d, s, t, i, n, p. Write them down anyway you you like. Magnets/pens/paint etc.
  • Moons – I would like you to use these sounds. m, a, d, s, t, i, n, p. Can you find things in your home that make these sounds? Draw pictures or write the words.
  • Diamonds/crosses – What sounds do these letters make? m, a, d, s, t, i, n, p. Can you find one thing in your home that has the same sound as each letter?


Task for today: Transport lotto. Play the sounds video and try and guess what mode of trans port you can hear.

Please take today to have a go/finish any of the activities from this week that you have not had a chance to do. 

  • Don’t forget the reading website if you would like to share some different stories at home. This is the website, please email me and I can send you the login details.

Don’t forget to send me pictures of your learning to

Well done for all you hard work this week and I hope you enjoyed this weeks learning and have a lovely weekend, Mrs Herne