Welcome back! We hope you had a relaxing break and we are looking forward to starting our new topic!


This half-term we will be learning about dinosaurs and animals starting with dinosaurs.


Task 1: Literacy – Read ‘Dinosaur Chase’. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOxLpPiktmE This story is a great way to start to our learning about dinosaurs. The book shows us different types of dinosaurs, where they live and how they behave. If you were a dinosaur who would you be and what would you be able to do? Can you draw a picture of you as a dinosaur?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 17. Read the number line first, which number is the biggest? which number is the smallest? Watch the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n83v2kWUC9M. Say the number again pointing at the 7 (seven) then the 1 (teen). Can you practice writing the number seventeen, make sure you put the 1 first. Straight down (1) and across the sky and down from heaven (7). Practise the other numbers too, can you write a number line from 0-17?

Task 3: Well Being February – Monday 22nd February – Draw your favourite time of year. Is it your birthday? Christmas? Winter? Summer? You choose!


Task 1: Maths – Read ’10 little dinosaurs’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DE_QkBDYJc Count to 10 and then back again just like the story. Can you draw your own ten little dinosaurs and write the numbers underneath?

Task 2: Phonics – Singing sound talk. Read these sounds b, a, g, l, e, f, i and sh. Play the track and build the words as they are said bag/leg/fish. The sounds are not how I would like to say them so maybe say them yourself after the CD. 

  • Diamonds – Can you draw a picture of the things you heard?
  • Moons/crosses – Can you draw a picture of the things you heard and write the words with the pictures?
  • Suns – What can you find around you home that start with the sounds from the song?

Task 3: Well Being February – Tuesday 23rd February – What do you dream about? Draw one of your dreams. 


Task 1: RE – The Baptism of Jesus. Read the story. Baptism Have you been baptised/christened? Can you find a photo and talk about it with your family.

If not have a look at these pictures and talk about what you see. Baptism-sequencing

Task 2: Literacy/Science – Finding out information about dinosaurs. Watch the videos, watch/read the books or read any dinosaur books you have at home, what can you find out about dinosaurs? What are they called? Who big are they? What do they like to eat? etc 

Task 3: Well Being February – Wednesday 24th February – Listen to some music at the same time as drawing. What is in your mind when listening to the music?


Task 1: Phonics – Can you guess? What are these sounds? p, o, t, h, l. Listen to the track and use the sounds to make the words. What do you notice about the words? say them again. They all have ‘ot’!

  • Diamonds/crosses – Can you draw pictures of these words, pot/hot/cot/dot/tot?
  • Moons – Can you write the words from the track?
  • Suns – How many more 3 letter words can you make that have ‘ot’ at the end? Write them down and check that have ‘ot’ at the end.

Task 2: Art and design – Can you build a 3D dinosaur using recycled materials? Here are some ideas to help you. Dinosaur junk

Task 3: Well Being February – Thursday 25th February – Smiling challenge. Draw a huge smiling face then write down all the reasons that make you smile or laugh.


Please use today to finish anything that you have not had a chance to do this week and send me some photos of your learning.

Task 1: Dinosaur trip to the museum!! Watch this dinosaur tour and talk about what you might see if you went to the museum. A museum is a great way to find out about the past.

Take a Field Trip to a Dinosaur Exhibit | Dinosaurs in Motion Field Trip | KidVision Pre-K – YouTube

Well Being February – Friday 26th February – Draw a picture of yourself! Use a mirror to take in all the details of your beautiful face. 

Saturday and Sunday

Well Being February – Saturday 27th February – Draw something in nature today. It could be an animal, bird, insect, flower of leaf. 

Well Being February – Sunday 28th February – Draw someone you love. Why do you love them?

Have a great weekend!!

Here is a celebration of this weeks learning! Celebration

Please send me your learning, its always great to see what you have been up to at home! nursery@st-cyprians.croydon.sch.uk

Please don’t forget to use the Epic reading website!

Best wishes, Mrs Herne