Week Beginning 23/01/17

This week, we are continuing our work with myths! Children will have the chance to re-tell their favourite myth and then turn this into a role play in groups! We can’t wait to see them! They will also be looking at inverted commas and using them correctly to add speech to our writing.

In numeracy, we will be working with negative numbers and also recapping place value and how we recognise the thousands, hundreds, tens and units in a number. We will also look at how we work out the perimeter of given shapes.

In RE, our focus is baptism. We will be looking at the different symbols associated with baptism and discuss what happens during a baptism.

We are continuing our topic of living things and their habitats, focusing on vertebrates and invertebrates this week!

The spelling for this week:

1 ladies’

2 girls’

3 children’s

4 pupils’

5 women’s

6 boys’

7 babies’

8 Tom’s

9 James’s

10 often