Chinese New Year

We hope you had a lovely weekend!

This week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year.


Task 1: English – Read ‘Dragon dance’, this book will explain about Chinese new year and why and how we celebrate it.

This is how you write in Chinese, can you use this to write your name in Chinese?

Read the ‘Chinese Zodiac story’. Chinese zodiac story Talk about the animals in the story and the order that they came in the story. Were all the animals friendly? You all have a year named after you too! If you were born in 2016 you are a Monkey and if you were born in 2017 you area a Rooster, Can you draw a picture of your animal year?

Task 2: Maths – Number blocks number 16. count to 16 using the Number blocks number line. Watch the video. Practise writing the number 16.

Task 3: Well being February – 8th February – Draw yourself as a superhero. What is your super power? How does it feel being a superhero?


Task 1: Maths – Ordinal numbers – Link to the Chinese zodiac story from yesterday. See if you have the animals from the story at home, if not use others in their place. Line up the animals and talk about who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. You might like to write these down and place them next to each animal in the line, focusing on the number. Then ask the children questions like, who came first? who came last? who came after the tiger? who came before the rooster?

Task 2: Internet Safety day – Read this story about Smartie the penguin. Smartie-the-Penguin-for-EYFS story 1 Its all about staying safe when the children are online. Read as much as you feel your child can understand or over a couple of days. We have read the first section in class but it will not hurt to recap over this part. Try to sing the song each time to encourage the children to remember what to do!

Task 3: Well being February – 9th February – What scares you? Draw a picture of your biggest fear!


Task 1: RE – How God made Winter. Refer back to how God made the world, he also made seasons. Focus on Winter which is what they can see outside right now. I really hope that you are enjoying the snow! Can you make a winter collage? You can stick, paint or draw things that you can see, things you wear, things we celebrate and maybe paint your own winter tree! 


Task 2: Phonics – Robot. Show the children the sounds c, a, t, b, h and m. Play the CD and write the sounds as they are said and say the word they heard. The words are cat, bat, pat and mat. Once you have written them down have a look at them and see if you can find what the words all have, at. Say them all again and make sure the children can hear the sound at the end. 

Task 3: Well being February – 10th February – Draw some important memories for you!


Task 1: Science – Push and pull. Watch ‘Push and Pull’, Kit and Pup which will demonstrate pushing and pulling. Demonstrate pushing and pulling by singing and moving to row, row, row your boat and then using the items in your homes, you might also like to play Jenga if you have one. The video also links to snow, we hope you had fun in the snow this week! Then explore pushing and pulling in your home.  Can you…

  • PUSH: pram
  • PULL: taking labels of weather chart
  • PUSH/PULL: chair/fridge door/scissors/hoover

Task 2: Phonics – Transport lotto. Talk through the lotto card and make your own sounds you think the track may say. Listen to the track, can you find the sounds on the card?

Transport lotto

  • Suns – Can you write the words to go with these pictures? What sounds can you hear? building CVC words
  • Moons – What are these sounds? a, f, i, k, l, m and o. Can you draw a picture of something starting with each sound?
  • Diamonds/crosses – Can you draw a picture with some of the transport sounds you heard?

Task 3: Well being February – 11th February – What does anger (being cross) look like? Can you draw anger?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Please take this time to have a go at some of the activities you have not had a chance to do this week.

Task 1: Maths/Investigation – Penny Challenge. Can you collect as many 1p coins as you can and line them up on the ground. Measure your line of 1p coins using your feet or hands. How long is your line of coins? You can use other types of coins if you like but try and keep it to the same item. 

Task 2: RE – Valentines day – Read the PDF which explains a little about what valentines day is. Valentines day Its a day to tell someone you love them, it could be anyone that cares for you. Make a card for someone you love! Here are some ideas.

Task 3: Well being February – 12th February – Draw something you are thankful for today.

Well done for all you hard work please keep sending me pictures of your learning!

Best wishes, Mrs Herne