Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Good Morning Year 5,


I hope that you are all well and are staying safe and busy.

As you may be aware from the news, there have been numerous protests across the world in light of the death of George Floyd. The Black Lives Matter campaign, founded in 2013, has lead the movement in response to the injustice experienced by black people in America. As a result of this, many countries across the world have also protested to stand in solidarity. I have inserted some pages below from a colouring book that focuses on some of the Black Lives Matter principles including Diversity, Empathy and Collective Values. I hope you feel empowered colouring these in and expressing your thoughts.



Please continue to use these great resources recommended by the Department for Education. They are broken down into daily tasks.

Make sure you are reading daily – this is an important skill to maintain and also a great way to spend your time.

To continue to use the resources we’ve uploaded weekly, then you can find these below:


Year 5 Week 11 Day 1

Year 5 Week 11 Day 2

Year 5 Week 11 Day 3

Year 5 Week 11 Day 4

Year 5 Week 11 Day 5

Adverbs of Possibility with audio

Relative Clause with audio




Y5 Week 11 Day 1

Y5 Week 11 Day 1 Powerpoint

Y5 Week 11 Day 2

Y5 Week 11 Day 3

Y5 Week 11 Day 4

Y5 Week 11 Day 4 Powerpoint

Y5 Week 11 Day 5


Have a safe and productive week

Miss Agyemang and Mr Loizou