Week Ending – 10.05.24

Dear Parents and Carers,

The children have enjoyed this weeks learning and have quickly settled back into school life.

In English, the children have looked at an Information Report text, the topics being Bikes and My School.  They have focused on high frequency words, simple sentence structure and building upon the word and sentences that they have written.

In Maths, the children were learning to count on in 10’s , 5’s and 2’s.

In History, the children were introduced to our new topic ‘Explorers’ and we talk about what they thought an explorer is and they learnt about a few explorers from the past.

In PE, the children were introduced to the new topics, ‘Basketball’ and ‘Fitness’.

In Science, our topic this term is ‘Plants’.   The children first discussed what they knew about plants and then did a ‘Bean Investigation’ where they will be watching and collecting data to see if a bean needs water or not in order to grow.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the lovely sunshine!

The Year 1 Team.