Week ending 14.10.22

For this week’s home learning please click here: Homelearning Week 6

This week in Year 1 we have been focusing on using our sounds to write independently. We have also looked at different poems and discussed how many have features such as rhyme!

In maths we had a focus on subtraction within 10 and we looked at subtraction stories. The children used the part whole model to help them with this. I have attached an example below, if you would like a blank copy to use at home, please click here: t-n-2546607-partwhole-blank-a4-templates-_ver_4

38 Part-Part-Whole/Number Bonds ideas | part part whole, kindergarten math,  teaching math

In RE we learned about the Jewish celebration of Rosh Hashana! The children really enjoyed learning about this celebration and showed a real interest in making a Shofar!

Next week will be science week!

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms Sandberg and Miss Nicholson.