Week Ending – 24.05.04

Dear Parents and Carers,

This week in English, the children started a new text called ‘Procedure’ and the text presentation was based on ‘How to Use a School Crossing’.  The children were also taught about the features of a procedure and were able to plan and write their own procedure text.

In Maths, the children were learning about half of an object, half of a quantity, quarter of a shape and quarter of an quantity.

In History, the children looked at the similarities and differences between Dame Ellen MacArthur and Christopher Columbus.

Last week Sunday was Pentecost Sunday and in RE the children learnt why it was a special celebration. They also were taught what happened on the day of Pentecost for the 12 disciples and that the birth of the Christian Church was created on that day.

In Science, they had the task of observing different types of seeds, predicting whether they were a plant or fruit and learnt that observations do not always match predictions.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Year 1 Team.

Homelearning Week 3 – 24.05.24