Week Ending: 7.10.22

This week year 1 have been reading and learning about a new story called ‘All aboard the bobo road’ . The children have this week been describing the setting of this story using adjectives and also writing an invitation to ‘Big Ali’ from the story to invite him to London. The children have enjoyed learning all about the different places the Bus travelled through in the story.

For maths this week, the children finished off their addition learning and began learning all about subtraction within 10. The children used the ‘counting on’ concept to find the missing number and place this into the whole part model and number sentence.

We have also been looking at the 5 oceans in our world and were locating this on a map and labelling it. The children also enjoyed listening to songs about the 5 oceans to help remember them.

Please bring in any recycling materials you have at home for the children to use for their creative learning next week. E.g. cereal box, washed milk cartoons etc.

Have a lovely weekend!


Edshed for maths, phonics and spellings: https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/login

Weekly writing task: Homelearning Week 5


Miss Sandberg and Miss Nicholson 🙂