Our daily online learning  schedule

Please sign-in 5 minutes before each session.


9:00 – Sunrays and Rainbows

9:30 – Snowflakes and Raindrops

10:00 – Stars and Comets



11:00- Whizz kids/ Maths wizards

11:30 – Maths Magicians/ Bright Sparks



13:00 – Skiathos/ Cyprus


During the sessions;

Please sign-in with your child’s first name.

Please turn on your camera and keep it on during the session.

Please keep microphones muted.

Please have paper/ pink home learning books and a pencil.

Hand ICON usage in Microsoft Teams to raise hand - Tec🦘Kangaroo

Please use the hand-raised icon to ask a question or show you are ready to move on. Don’t forget to click the icon when you are ready to put your hand down.

You can use the chatbox to answer questions.

Mrs Richards and Miss Moloney