Year 2 Week Ending 17.3.17

Welcome to Year 2!

This week in Year 2

In our Literacy lessons we have been focusing on the Trojan Horse. We started the week by writing our own stories about the Trojan Horse. We then went outside to explore the Trojan Horse and used this to create some amazing descriptions and clear instructions on how to play safely. We then read the Legend of the Trojan Horse and created role plays and arguments about what will happen next.

In Numeracy we have been exploring the properties of 3D and 2D shapes using the vocabulary edge, vertices and faces. We also identified 2D and 3D shapes in everyday objects. During the week we also looked at different numbers and how we can identify, represent and estimate with them. At the end of the week we created tally charts and block charts on our favourite colours.

In R.E. this week, we looked at why Jesus gave his life for us and how we know that he is always watching over us.

Next Week in Year 2

Subject We will be learning…
Literacy ·        We will be creating storyboards on the Legend of the Trojan Horse.

·        We will also be creating questions and using these to interview the Greeks and Trojans.

·        We will create newspaper reports on the Trojan War.

Numeracy ·         We will be answering questions using the data we collected this week.

·        We will be identifying fractions of a number and a shape.

RE ·         We will be celebrating the Announciation of the Virgin Mary which takes place on 25th March.
Phonics Miss MacKinnon’s group will be focusing on the sounds – ir/ur/er and ou/ow

Miss Light’s group will be focusing on air and ir

Mrs Yiannourkou and Miss Kyri’s group will be focusing on their initial sounds and sh, th, ch, ng and nk.



Your username and password for Mathletics is stuck inside the cover of your yellow reading record.

Weekend Writing Challenge

In literacy this week we have been reading the Legend of the Trojan War. This is the story of how the Greeks tricked the Trojans during the war by giving them a big wooden horse in which the Greek soldiers were hidden. For your writing challenge this week I would like you to imagine you are a Trojan and write a letter of complaint to the Greeks. You need to include in your writing:-

  • Detailed descriptions of how you are feeling with interesting adjectives avoiding happy and sad (e.g. ecstatic, angry, confused etc.)
  • Conjunctions to extend your sentences (e.g. because, however, although, until, so etc.)
  • Writing in the first person by using I.
  • Some exclamation sentences that begin with what or how.
  • Full stops and capital letters in the correct places.

I would like you to write at least a page for your letter. I look forward to reading them!


Class Assemblies: Thank you to everyone who came to Crete Class assembly on Friday 17th March. It was very much appreciated as the children enjoyed seeing you there. I’m sure you will agree they all did a fantastic job.

Santorini class will be having their class assembly on Friday 24th March at 9am in the hall to which you are all warmly invited.

Book Bags: Please ensure that the children bring their book bag to school every day, as in addition to being a means of transporting reading materials it is a valuable method of communication. We encourage the children to give important notes from their parents direct to their class teacher.

Uniform: Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly labelled with your child’s name. Children will need their P.E. kits in school on a Wednesday for Crete Class and a Thursday for Santorini Class as these are our PE days. Please encourage children to be independent dressers at home, as these skills will be helpful at school.

Reading: We change the children’s reading books daily, so if they have finished their books please ensure that the children put their home reading record and reading book in the basket every morning to be changed. Please support your child with reading at home and record a comment in their reading record.

Phonics: The phonics scheme we follow is Read, Write Inc. Please read and practise your sounds and spellings with your child at home.


Spellings: This week’s spellings are – flies, tries, replies, copies, babies, carries.

Year 2 Spelling List




Times Tables: Please continue to practise your 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables at home as we will be completing weekly challenges on these. They will be given in a random order so please do not just focus on the answers!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another fun filled week.

Miss MacKinnon and Miss Kyri

Miss Light and Mrs Yiannourkou