Year 4 blog week beginning 31 October 2016

Welcome back after half term!  The run in to Christmas has begun!

In Literacy this week we are looking at stories and the structure of them focusing in particular on the dilemmas characters often face and how these are often resolved.  We will write our own story next week.

In numeracy we have been looking at number bonds to 10, 100 and 1000.  What patterns can we see in number bonds to ten that can help us bond numbers to 100?  For example, if 2+8 = 10 then 20+80 100.  We can also use the same methodology to bond numbers to 1000.  We are also telling the time using analogue, digital and twenty four hour clocks.  Those that master time telling on all types of clock will be using this knowledge to solve time word problems and read timetables.

In R.E. this week we have been learning about Hindu Diwali.  We learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.  We found interesting comparisons with Christian stories where light also overcomes darkness.

We will also be starting our new topic study: The Romans.  A chronological progression from our study of Ancient Greece and also a good reference point to our study of the early Church in R.E.  The children know that the early Christians lived a daily struggle of trying to keep their worship secrete from the Romans.  We also know about Christian martyrs who have refused to renounce their beliefs.

This week’s spellings are expansion, extension, tension, confusion, transfusion, supervision, comprehension, busy, experience and remember.