Year 4 – Ithaca, Symi, Samos – wb:30.1.17

In Literacy this week, we will be exploring different types of poetry, in particular Haikus and Tankas. The children will be reading traditional Japanese ones before writing their own. They will be using ICT to present them once they are complete.

In Numeracy we are looking at fractions, adding and subtracting them, as well as reading and ordering numbers higher than 1000. Finally, they will be exploring lines of symmetry in shape.

In Science we will be identifying different invertebrates, and going on an invertebrate hunt around the school. Finally, we will be looking at the different habitats, and why animals live in specific places.

In PE, the children will be learning to play netball.

The spellings for this week are attached.

Hope you have a lovely week!

Year 4 Spellings