Year 5 11.9.20

Wow! What a wonderful week we have had with our children.

Thank you parents for being so patient and understanding with all of the changes that have been happening. We are so pleased to have the children back and settled into school.

Please remember to bring in PE kits!

Next week in English, we will be learning about stories written by the same author. This topic will be running across a number of weeks and we will be looking at the author Michael Morpurgo.
In maths, we will be covering objectives, that the children missed out on in year 4, in our big maths sessions. In our main maths sessions, we will be learning how to count on in 100s, 1000s and 10 000s. We will also be focusing on rounding and negative numbers.

In history we are learning about the Anglo-Saxons, the children are really enjoying it so far! In science we are learning about forces. We would like to do a science experiment with the children next week, however due to regulations on sharing equipment this could be tricky. It would really help us, if you could bring in a large empty plastic bottle. This way your child will be able to carry out the experiment themselves, without having to share equipment. The bottles will then be put into recycling at the end of the day.

A spelling challenge will be given each week on a Thursday. This week’s spellings are:

  1. vicious
  2. gracious
  3. spacious
  4. malicious
  5. precious
  6. conscious
  7. delicious
  8. suspicious
  9. atrocious
  10. ferocious

A good tip, when practising spellings, is to put them into a sentence, so that your child understands the definition of the word. This will improve their vocabulary in their writing, producing a very able writer!


Have a lovely weekend!