Wow! A week of home learning! Well done children, you have adapted so well and we are really proud of you. Please remember to sign into lessons 5 minutes before they start.

English (9.30am)

8.1.21 English PDF

8.1.21 English PPT

Maths (11.30)

Four Operations problems PPT

Four Operations problems pdf

MultiStep Word Problems all four operations

Word Problems Involving all Four Operations

Greek (2pm)

Greek learning will be on the Greek page.


#Lesson Presentation The Torturing Tudors PDF

Activity Sheet Guess the Tudor Object

Tudor Punishments HA

Activity Sheet Answers

Please don’t worry about printing, for the work sheet just write your answers down!



Have a lovely weekend and don’t forget to read! You can also catch up with any learning that you did not complete and there will be learning on mathletics open for you, if you should need any extra learning. Remember  that your learning during the week and reading is the most important. It is also important that on weekends you have a rest and get some fresh air!