Year 5 – Inclusion Week!

Inclusion Week!

This week in Year 5 we have had a very busy yet exciting week! Inclusion week is a special time in school where we dedicate a whole week to learning to raise awareness of our diverse and ever changing global society. Our lessons, which are taught through a wide range of fun and practical activities, will teach children about key topics: road safety, anti-bullying, being safe in cyber space as well as the culture and heritage of other societies.


Macmillan Cancer Support:

We started off our week by joining in with some world charity fundraising campaigns for Macmillan Cancer Support. We created a beautiful bunting, as a whole class, which has very thoughtful and loving prayers written. Our prayers reflected the learning of our R.E lessons as the key message of our prayer showed love and care for others in need.


The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about how to stay safe in a situation where bullying may arise. The children were learning to fully understand the term ‘bully’ and comparing the actions of a bully to the actions of a ‘good friend.’ The children then role-played the right and wrong way to handle common situations that may arise at school.


The children have been involved in many different activities which involve the teaching of ‘how to stay safe while using the internet.’ The children created a fact file/ poster of how to raise awareness for staying safe on the internet.

 Other News:

Thank you to all the parents who came and visited us on Tuesday! We hope you enjoyed your morning with us, catching a glimpse of life in Year 5!

Please remember that Friday 23rd October is a school Inset day so today was the children’s last day of the half term.

Home Learning:

In year 5 we would like the children to be constantly practicing their times tables, number bonds, spellings and reading.

We suggest a minimum of 30mins of reading each day; this will consolidate strategies learnt in the class and ultimately make the children better and more confident readers.

It would be beneficial to practice number bonds at least three times a week. Number bonds are two number that add together to make another; for example 394+606, 8+2, 65+35.

 We advise that the children need to practice their times tables regularly in order to support their knowledge and understanding when performing operations (times and divide).


Spellings will be set weekly; the children will have a week in which to practice. We recommend that children practice using the look-cover-write technique, as well as saying out loud.

This week for home learning, I have set the following Spellings:





















Children should practice these spellings (also available on Spellodrome) and put them into a sentence. If the children are unaware of the meaning of any of these spellings, we encourage children to use a dictionary to help them.


As the second Home Learning task, I have set a Numeracy challenge on Mathletics for the children to complete. It is based on the learning we have covered so far in our numeracy lessons, which then consolidates the learning which takes place in school. Please log in and complete both activities I have set for you. If there are any problems accessing this home learning, please come and see me before the due date and I will be more than happy to help.

Also, please click on the following link for an addition Numeracy challenge (End of topic assessment):



Additional Home Learning:

Please click the following link to reveal an additional History home learning project:

Ancient Egypt home learning

Also, please find on Spellodrome an additional punctuation challenge.

All home learning tasks (Spelling and Mathletics) are due in: 6th November 2015

Have a lovely half term and I am looking forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday 2nd November!