Hello everyone,

I hope you had a restful weekend, please see the learning for Monday below.

English (9.30am)

monday 11th

monday-11th PDF

t2-e-088-story-planning-frame_ver_1 (1)

Maths (11.30am)

Comparing and ordering fractions PDF

Comparing and ordering fractions powerpoint (1)

Comparing Fractions – Activity Sheet

Mastery day 1


Greek 2pm-Please see the Greek page for the resources.


Topic- Independent learning

#Lesson Presentation Highwayman Hero or Villain

Activity Sheet Dick Turpin Hero or Villain – Editable

Activity Sheet Dick Turpin Sources

Activity Sheet Who Was Dick Turpin – Editable



If you have some spare time, why not check out Draw with Rob on you tube. You’ll be able to create some cool drawings with step by step guidance.