Year 5 Spetses – week beginning 12/10/15


This week in Year 5, we have had an exciting week continuing to explore the works of a significant author…ROALD DAHL! The children began their week by working effectively as a group to put together a presentation about Roald Dahl. The children enjoyed using a variety of different resources to find and organise information ready to include this into their PowerPoint presentations. The children really impressed us with their ICT skills and could include many key features of an effective presentation. Later in the week, the children began exploring the descriptions of the main characters in the story of Matilda. By the end of the week, the children would have learnt how to use their knowledge of exploring the characters, to re-write a piece of dialogue from a key scene in ‘Matilda.’

In Numeracy this week:

We began our week by recapping our learning of fractions! We started off the week by using our multiplication facts to help us find equivalent fractions. By Wednesday, we continued to exceed with our fraction understanding by learning to order and compare fractions. Towards the end of the week, we have returned back to our learning about finding angles of regular and irregular shapes. Now that we are becoming more confident with using a protractor to measure angles, we have begun finding missing angles when one or more have been given.


In Science this week, we have enjoyed continuing our learning on Materials and their properties. We began the week by focusing on the process of separating materials! This enabled the children to research into various process which take place to separate mixtures whether they are soluble or insoluble.

The processes we have learnt about are: Filtering, evaporation and condensation, magnetism, sieving and decanting. This will prepare the children ready for our next experiment where we will investigate ways we can separate various mixtures!

Next week in school:

Next week in school we have a very special but busy week in school – Inclusion Week!

This will involve a variety of different lessons and activities to promote anti-bullying, being safe online, being safe during fireworks night, being safe on the roads and how we are all God’s children regardless of culture and race!

Another focus of the week is thinking about ‘What it means to be British.’


Home Learning:

In year 5 we would like the children to be constantly practicing their times tables, number bonds, spellings and reading.

We suggest a minimum of 30mins of reading each day; this will consolidate strategies learnt in the class and ultimately make the children better and more confident readers.

It would be beneficial to practice number bonds at least three times a week. Number bonds are two number that add together to make another; for example 394+606, 8+2, 65+35.

 We advise that the children need to practice their times tables regularly in order to support their knowledge and understanding when performing operations (times and divide).


Spellings will be set weekly; the children will have a week in which to practice. We recommend that children practice using the look-cover-write technique, as well as saying out loud.

This week for home learning, I have set the following Spellings:





















Children should practice these spellings (also available on Spellodrome) and put them into a sentence. If the children are unaware of the meaning of any of these spellings, we encourage children to use a dictionary to help them.


Numeracy Home Learning

For the second Home Learning task, please click on the relevant link (the link for your Numeracy group) to reveal your Numeracy challenge. . It is based on the learning we have covered so far in our numeracy lessons, which then consolidates the learning which takes place in school.

least_common_multiple ALL GROUPS

fractions_comparing ALL GROUPS EXT

equivalent_fractions Purple and Yellow Fractions and Subtractions

equivalent_fractions Blue Green and Red Divisions, multiples and additions

All home learning tasks (Spelling and Numeracy) are due in: 22nd October 2015

Have a great weekend!

Miss Malik