Year 6 24.3.16

What a busy week for year 6. We have done a lot of practise papers, preparing for our SATs. We have done one of every paper type over the past two weeks, and have gone through each paper addressing any misconceptions or mistakes.

In History, we learned about historical bias, and why different people might have different accounts of the same event. We wrote a persuasive letter, explaining why the Vikings were not as vicious as they are painted. In Literacy we have begun looking at the famous ‘Lady of Shalott’ poem. We have been working through the complex language to rewrite the story in our own words.

Many thanks to all the parents who have attended Parents’ Evening. Many parents were interested in seeing some examples of the types of questions that will be found in the SATs. Here is a link that will take you to the SATs website, where you can find examples of all the papers that the children will sit in May:

Instead of Pink Book homework this week, we are sending home two papers. These should be corrected and returned by Wednesday. You do NOT need to do the corrections in a SATs style setting, you can get help from parents, siblings and even the internet to try and find where you went wrong.

Please note that on mathletics and spellodrome, all the activities are now available to you, so you can access any topic you would like to practise and see examples of how to complete the questions by clicking on the help button there.

In maths we are currently looking at multiplying and dividing fractions. Here is a brief youtube clip to help you with this: (multiplying mixed fractions) (dividing fractions by another fractions)

Remember – a whole number is really that number over one! So if you are dividing a fraction by 6 it could be written as dividing by 6. This can help you when dividing a fraction by a whole number.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and we will look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.