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Greek is 2.30-3pm


Please log in to the lesson 5 minutes before it is due to start so we can take the register. (English 9.55am, Maths 11.55am and Greek 2.25pm)


Please upload your learning to your class name in the work section of Purple Mash



Daily Grammar is here grmmar starter

The picture starter is here











Today we will be using this story for our reading lesson

Transformation Comprehension


The 5 a day sats questions are here. We will split into groups in the lesson for these. There is also a challenge 5 a day for anyone who finishes.





challenge january-27-pdf1

The mastery is all below. We will do the worksheet in the lesson and you can finish it independently afterwards. If you miss the lesson you can watch the input here: https://vimeo.com/497642809

True or false

Percentage-of-an-amount worksheet

Extensions bar challenges are here – try as many as you can! The final one is very tricky even for teachers so don’t worry if you can’t do them all.

12. Tues 17th Nov 2020 – with bars

12. Tues 17th Nov 2020 – Challenge

Afternoon topic learning

Today’s topic learning is history and we are looking at Maya temples and palaces. I would like you to answer the below questions and then as an extension try to make a Maya temple of your own. The instructions use clay but I do not expect you to do that – just use cardboard if you have any! If you haven’t got any cardboard then do not worry. Please upload any photos of your temples.


Maya Temples and Palaces  – Questions to answer

Who built the temples?

How did they build them?

Where did the stone come from?
How did they get it through the jungle?

What was the purpose of the temples?
Who used them? What did they do? What did the priest wear?

What role did the Sun play?

Who lived in the palaces? What happened in them?

What were the roofs made of?

Why did they have walled gardens?


Instructions on building a temple are here

Maya temples

And some further information is here







I would also like you to watch the below PSHE lesson on men and women at work



Online learning rules


  • Please log in to the lesson 5 minutes before it is due to start so we can take the register. (English 9.55am, Maths 11.55am and Greek 2.25pm)
  • Always have paper and something to write with.
  • Please use your own name. DO NOT make up a name, keep changing your name or call yourself admin.
  • Do not unmute yourselves unless you are asked a question. I would prefer not to keep you permanently muted. To unmute yourself just click on the microphone mute icon.
  • The chat box is for you to ask me a question or for you to answer a question in. It is not a general chat box. Non-learning chat is not to happen in the chat box.
  • If you are allocated to a breakout room then this is the group I would like you to work with.
  • When I am sharing my screen I am no longer able to see all of you at the same time. This means that I will randomly choose someone to answer. Please ensure you are at your screen so I do not have to scroll through the whole class.
  • When I share my screen I cannot see the chat box. Therefore please do not try to ask too many things and send too many messages. I will keep looking at the chat box but it is easier if the messages are relevant.
  • When I share my screen I am happy for the class to write the answers on the screen when I ask. However, I will ask individual children to take turns to do this. No one is to draw on the screen and I can see the names of everyone who writes on it!
  • Please do not have the tv on in the background. This is distracting for everyone when you are unmuted.
  • Please do not play video games at the same time as the lesson.
  • Try to eat, drink or go to the toilet before or after the lesson.