Year 6 – Week 2 – Week Commencing 30 March 2020

Welcome to week 2 Year 6!


Every day please try to do PE with Joe Wicks at 9am and listen to David Walliams at 11 am. Please also choose a book to listen to from Amazon Audible – links are all below in the blog.


Here is a selection of numeracy and literacy for this week:



Wk2_Day 1_Multiply and divide 2-place decimals

Wk2_Day 2_Find fractions of amounts

Wk2_Day 3_Multiply and divide fractions

Wk2_Day 4_Short multiplication

Wk2_Day 5_Short division in problems


Year 6 Day 6

Year 6 Day 7

Year 6 Day 8

Year 6 Day 9

Year 6 Day 10


Please remember to stay inside and stay safe.


Ms Hayward and Mrs Clarke-Benson