Year 6 Week Commencing Monday 15th June 2020

I hope everyone had a good week.


Please continue with the BBC Bitesize and Oak Academy lessons.


All of the lessons for Year 6 are here


Remember, you can challenge yourself to some Year 7 lessons (or even Year 8 as I know some of you will be more than capable of this).



Don’t forget to read too. This is one of the most important things you can do and you can listen to audio books on Amazon audible.



If you want to continue the literacy and numeracy that have been posted previous weeks they are here:


Formal and Informal with audio

Year 6_Week 13_Day 1 Year 6_Week 13_Day 2 Year 6_Week 13_Day 3 Year 6_Week 13_Day 4 Year 6_Week 13_Day 5

Y6 Week 13 Day 1 Y6 Week 13 Day 2 Y6 Week 13 Day 3 Y6 Week 13 Day 4 Y6 Week 13 Day 5 Powerpoint for Teachers Y6 Week 13 Day 5


Have a good week,


Ms Hayward and Mrs Clarke-Benson