Welcome to Year 3

Week beginning 27.06.19

Please click the following link for home learning.



Week beginning 20.5.19

This weeks home learning: 17.05.19

This week in school, we will be continuing our learning on writing and speaking persuasively. We will be finishing our learning by having a debate in class at the end of the week.

In numeracy, we will be focusing on multiplication word problems and we will also be learning how to order fractions.

It is vital that your children are confident in their times tables so that they can access this learning, they are doing really well!

Have a lovely week!


For this weeks home learning please click the following link: 10.05.19

Next week in school we will be learning how to write and speak persuasively.

In numeracy we will be learning about equivalent fractions, please practise this at home and on mathletics.

Please ensure that you learn spellings at home and remember to change your reading books as much as possible.

Week ending 3.5.19 Week beginning 6.5.19


Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Easter!

Next week in school we will be creating calligrams and shape poems in literacy.

In numeracy we will be tackling word problems and deciding which methods will be the best to use to answer the questions.

Please remember to bring in reading books, homework is due on a Wednesday and to keep practising times tables!


Have a fantastic week!


Easter Holidays

Hello Year 3,

Attached is the blog post for the Easter term. 12.04.19

We hope you have a lovely, restful break and we look forward to seeing you on the 1st May.

Zakynthos: remember we have swimming the very first day back!

Week beginning 01.04.19

This week in school we will be starting our Easter learning!

In numeracy we will be solving problems relating to addition and subtraction.

Please click the following link for spellings and home learning: 29.03.19

Have a wonderful week!

Week beginning 24.03.19


Week beginning 18.3.19

This week in literacy, we will  be continuing our learning on narrative poems.

In maths our objectives will be:

I can say the number of seconds in a minute and the number of days in each month, year and leap year.

I can recognise that angles are a property of shape.

Please continue to practise time at home, here at some worksheets to support the children’s learning. If you can please do them at home. t2-m-4530-read-write-and-convert-time-between-analogue-and-digital-clocks-differentiated-activity-sheets-

For this weeks spellings and home learning please click the following link. 15.03.19

Week beginning 11.3.19

This week in class we will be learning how to write a narrative poem. This is a poem that rhymes and tells a story and often has speech with inverted commas.

In numeracy we will be looking at how to tell the time on a 24 hour digital clock and convert it into analogue. As we are in a different era where we check our phones for the time and do not often look at clocks, it can take the children a little longer to learn. Please practise reading analogue clocks at home with your children.

This weeks spellings will be:

  1. eight
  2. eighth
  3. eighty
  4. weight
  5. neighbour
  6. vein
  7. veil
  8. beige
  9. sleigh
  10. freight


Please click the following link for this weeks home learning:01.03.19

Please click the following link for a print out of the spellings: Spelling Lists Editable

This week in literacy we will be continuing with our learning on instruction writing, this week we will link it to our class book of, ‘How to train your dragon’.

In numeracy we will be learning how to add and subtract money and how to give the correct amount of change.

If you are going swimming please ensure that your child has a swimming hat, this is the pools policy and children will not be allowed to swim without one. We only have a few spare in case the children forget theirs.

Have a lovely week!

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