Welcome to Year 4

Home learning week ending 18.09.20


Year 4 summer learning for year 5.


Over the summer holidays we would like you to research your new class island.

Current Ithaca should research Samos and current Symi should research Ydra.

You can create a project around your findings, it can be presented in any way that you like e.g. a power point, a poster, an information booklet or anything that you can think of!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Week beginning 13/07/2020


Here is your home learning for this week, we will also be attaching some learning for the summer so keep a look out!


Have a lovely week!




Message from Miss Agyemang to Ithaca class

Welocme to Year 5!

Message for Ithaca from Miss Sandberg.


Message for Symi from Miss Sandberg.


Week beginning 6.7.20


Hope you had a great week!

As with last week, please refer to the work on purple mash for extra work that will be marked by us, you can access this in the 2do section.

Here is your work for the week:



We hope you have a lovely week!


500 Words: Black Lives Matter Competition

Hi everyone,

As you all probably know, there has been a lot of coverage in the news around the Black Lives Matter movement. We have come across an exciting opportunity to get involved through ‘500 Words: Black lives Matter’.

Your words have the power to change you and the world around you. People can make a change based on their actions – you’ll already have encountered examples of this.

We want you to use your imagination and draw on your own thoughts and experiences when it comes to Black Lives Matter and some of the changes we are seeing in 2020. Then, write a creative short story in no more than 500 words.

Simply go to https://500words.me/ to find out more and how to enter.

This exciting opportunity is only availble until tomorrow evening unfortunately, so you haven’t got a lot of time to get your stories written but we know you can do it!

Happy writing!

Week beginning 29.06.20


Hope you had a great week, only 3 left till we start our summer holidays.

As with last week, please refer to the work on purple mash for extra work that will be marked by us.

Here is your work for the week:


Y4 Week 13 Day 1 Powerpoint for Teachers Y4 Week 13 Day 1

Y4 Week 13 Day 2

Y4 Week 13 Day 3

Y4 Week 13 Day 4

Y4 Week 13 Day 5

Y4 Week 13 Teacher notes_updated


Year 4 Week 13 Day 1

Year 4 Week 13 Day 2

Year 4 Week 13 Day 3

Year 4 Week 13 Day 4

Year 4 Week 13 Day 5

Have a great week.


Week beginning 29.06.20

Hello all,

Well done for those of you who created quizzes on purple mash. I have given you feedback that I would like you to read, I have also shared with you a picture that has on there my feedback for all the work you have completed so you can see it as a class.

This week on purple mash, I would like you to complete the following activities:

I would like you to write a letter to a friend in our class that you haven’t seen for a very long time. You should tell them about what you have been doing since you were last in school.

Using the link below I would like you to create a comic strip for the story of St Peter and St Paul. Try experiment with different speech bubbles and different captions to show passing of time.


Have a good week

Mr Theophilou