Zakynthos Online Learning Websites

Hello Zakynthos class, since the school will be closed until further notice we will be doing our learning online. Websites and codes needed to access the materials I have assigned are below.

  1. Mathletics-

  1. Busy Things –

This is how the children log in from home:


To log in:

  1. go to the website
  2. click ‘log in’ in the top right corner
  3. click ‘click to log in with LGFL
  4. children then use their Purple Mash logins to log into site.
  5. click on your class name
  6. go to assignments.​
  1. Epic-


All you need to do is enter in the code to access books that have been assigned to you. Here is the code     xvx4070

  1. Purple Mash-

Feel free to log into the website and try any of the activities available.