Welcome to St Cyprian's

Welcome to St Cyprian's Greek Orthodox Primary Academy


Thank you for visiting our website which will hopefully give you a little glimpse into how special our school is.

St. Cyprian’s is a happy, friendly school. We encourage our boys and girls to express themselves confidently, to develop their leadership skills and to be ambitious, all within a nurturing and supportive environment.

We strive to develop a passion for learning which is driven by high quality teaching, a broad, balanced, interesting curriculum and by the fact that we know our children, their strengths, talents and potential; all upon which we build. This enables the children to “enjoy the challenge” and “set the bar high”.

St. Cyprian’s is proud to educate pupils with a range of academic abilities, and we do so within a culture of aspiration for all; teachers here will stretch, challenge and support in equal measure. We aim to ensure that all barriers to learning are removed so every pupil reaches their own full potential. This includes regularly looking at every child’s capacity to achieve more.

We pride ourselves on our family ethos with the leadership team working closely with teachers to ensure learning experiences are consistently creative, stimulating and inspiring to the children. Our learning for life programme which includes philosophy for children and enquiry led learning is innovative in itself and continually evolving to help produce well rounded pupils ready to thrive when they leave at the end of year 6.

Our ambition is to instil in our pupils a strong moral compass, a respect for others, and an imperative to make a worthwhile contribution to the community, this all helps to foster our happy, supportive and successful school. More importantly, this all happens within a Christian ethos of respect, kindness and responsibility. The key to St. Cyprian’s success lies in its values and culture, and in the positivity of its community.

I highly recommend St. Cyprian’s to you and invite you to come and see for yourself what a fabulous school it is. Children leave St.Cyprian’s aged 11 years with confidence and they have much in which to be confident about and are fully prepared for secondary school education- ready educationally, socially and emotionally.




Government Initiatives IQ recognises St Cyprian's Primary Academy as a Top Performing and Improving school - please click on the link below: