St Cyprians Greek Orthodox Primary Academy – History Curriculum Intent


At St. Cyprian's Greek Orthodox Primary Academy, we place great importance on history education, recognising its power to connect us to the past and the present. Our intent is to provide a comprehensive and inclusive history curriculum that equips our diverse pupils with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary to appreciate the depth of human history. As we follow the National Curriculum, we are committed to cultivating a profound interest in history, including a Black history topic, in every year group each year for a half-term. This approach reflects the culturally diverse school community and the local community around us in South London.

Our primary aims are as follows:

To instil a love for history by making it an engaging and relevant subject for all our students, reflecting their local context and the diversity of their experiences.

To offer a balanced and nuanced understanding of history that acknowledges diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences, ensuring our pupils are connected to their own community and heritage.

To equip our pupils with critical thinking and research skills, enabling them to analyse historical events, ask meaningful questions, and form their own informed opinions.

To nurture an awareness of the importance of history in shaping the world we live in today, promoting a sense of global and community citizenship.


We follow the National Curriculum for history, providing a structured and progressive framework that ensures coverage of key historical events, figures, and concepts. Our curriculum incorporates dedicated units on Black history in every year group, creating a recurring focus on local and global heritage.

Our teaching methods are inclusive and tailored to the diverse needs of our pupils. We use a variety of resources, including literature, primary sources, and multimedia, to engage learners and foster empathy and understanding.

Our history curriculum reflects the local area and community of our school, fostering a connection for students to their distinct Greek Orthodox and South London backgrounds, as well as the rich multicultural environment that surrounds them.

We emphasise the development of critical thinking skills, encouraging pupils to analyse historical events, evaluate evidence, and develop their own informed viewpoints. Our aim is to foster an environment where questions are welcomed, and pupils feel empowered to explore history with curiosity, applying this lens to their immediate surroundings.


At St. Cyprian's Greek Orthodox Primary Academy, the impact of our history curriculum can be observed in the following ways:

Engaged Historians: Our pupils develop a genuine interest in history, finding it relevant and engaging as they learn about the past, rooted in their local community and diverse background.

Diverse Perspectives: Pupils acquire a well-rounded understanding of history fostering a deep connection to their local context and heritage.

Critical Thinkers: Our pupils leave with refined critical thinking and research skills, enabling them to analyse historical events, form independent opinions, and make connections to contemporary issues within their community.

Community Awareness: They develop a keen awareness of the role of history in shaping their local area and community, promoting a strong sense of local and global citizenship, as well as a respect for the diversity of human experiences.

Our history curriculum at St. Cyprian's Greek Orthodox Primary Academy is designed to provide students with a comprehensive and inclusive understanding of the past while nurturing a lifelong love for the subject and a commitment to valuing their diverse local community and heritage.