Online Safety

In the modern era the Internet has become an integral part of our children’s lives. It enables them to play games, undertake research for projects, keep in contact with friends and distant relatives as well as access and share information from around the world instantly.

Evolution of programmes using the Internet is rapid and innovative, allowing children to be interactive and creative with their peers.

There are times however when we have to be cautious using the Internet. This area of our school website is dedicated E-Safety by helping users better understand the issues around online safety and how manage the risks effectively.

At home

According to Ofcom Statistics 50% of children aged 3-4 go online for nearly 8 hours a week, and one in five children (aged 3-4) have their own tablet. is an excellent place to begin to keep your children safe at home whilst online.

You can get help on many topics such as:

As well as the above there are many educational videos and conversation starters for you and your children.

Parental controls are also an excellent way to ensure that children are only accessing material that is meant for their eyes only. NSPCC parental controls can help with setting controls on a variety of devices and streaming services.

At School 

Online safety is a top principle at our school, especially during lessons where children have access to a computer. Careful planning goes into every lesson ensuring that the safety of our children is paramount. Please see our ICT and Computing Policy.

As well as visual aids posted around the school (see our 360 tour) and children are taught how to stay safe online as part of their Computing lessons.

Some examples of websites include:

We really encourage children to report issues both at school and at home by telling an adult or following the BEAT IT NOW approach above. You can also report directly to CEOP or by using Thinkyouknow for specific social media sites.