SEND Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement


Here at St Cyprian’s Primary Academy, all pupils regardless of background, ethnicity or level of need, are supported to achieve their best possible outcomes.

It is our intention that pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are supported to achieve their potential through access to quality class teaching and appropriately differentiated learning activities and approaches.

Our long term goal is to help equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills they need to live fulfilling and independent lives, achieving the goals and aspirations.


  • Ensure that needs are identified as early as possible and support is put in place
  • To regularly monitor progress of pupils with SEND
  • To provide full access for all pupils to a broad and balanced curriculum which is appropriately differentiated to enable pupils to succeed
  • To ensure these pupils are assessed, monitored, planned for and regularly reviewed to improve outcomes and therefore make measurable progress
  • To ensure pupils of SEND are properly equipped to deal with life in the wider community
  • To ensure parents/carers are fully engaged in decision making, assessing progress and determining goals
  • To gain the views of the child and to ensure that their voices are heard
  • To provide advice and support for all staff working with pupils with SEND
  • To identify and refer pupils to the appropriate services where a need has been identified
  • To implement the advice of experts and professionals involved from outside of the school
  • To identify and direct parents to the best providers of support
  • To provide detailed information about the arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for pupils with SEND to parents
  • To support pupils through key transition points to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible


At St Cyprians Primary Academy, every teacher is a teacher of SEND. Our provision is enhanced by the collaboration of teachers, senior leaders, the SENDCo, support staff, external agencies, parents and most importantly the child.

Pupils with SEND will:

  • Be included in all aspects of the school day
  • Be provided with quality first teaching, adapted to meet their needs
  • Be respected and acknowledged

 Pupils with SEND may:

  • Have specific 1:1 or group support to support them accessing different areas of the curriculum
  • Have interventions outside of the classroom
  • Receive additional support from a Speech and Language Therapist
  • Work alongside outside agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Occupational Therapist etc

The school will:

  • Implement and regularly review the SEND policy, ensuring its effectiveness and adjusting it accordingly
  • EYFS Lead and staff will identify pupils who may have additional needs as early as possible and the SENDCo will facilitate a plan to ensure the appropriate level of support is planned for
  • Support teaching assistants (when appropriate) with training and expertise to ensure the best outcomes for pupils with SEND

The SENDCo will:

  • Ensure that the SEND register is kept up to date and regularly reviewed, including data on primary needs, diagnoses etc.
  • Initiate and complete relevant paperwork for referrals to other services or applications for funding e.g. Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP), Inclusion funding, Speech and Language Therapy referrals and other health referrals etc.
  • Co-ordinate support for pupils with special educational needs both at home and in school to ensure a holistic approach through regular meetings with parents to capture their views as well as those of the child
  • Liaise with external agencies and help the staff to implement their strategies and advice
  • Attend courses to keep up to date with current issues, attend regular CPD, research key SEND areas and disseminate relevant information to staff
  • Will ensure that staff CPD needs are kept up to date by contributing to in-service training
  • Report to governors on the progress of SEND pupils and the current strengths and areas in need of developing
  • Regular learning walks and book looks will take place to ensure that SEND pupils are well supported and making progress as well as termly meetings with class teachers and teaching assistants
  • Strive to ensure that pupils are fully prepared for the next phase of their learning and that they develop appropriate life skills to help them live with growing independence


As a result of the provision above, at St Cyprians:

  • Pupil will be happy, safe and have their needs met
  • Through embracing restorative practices and emotion coaching techniques, those pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs can thrive
  • Pupils will have a voice and feel heard – they are involved in decisions made about themselves
  • Staff are empathic, supportive and compassionate and create effective learning opportunities for all
  • Parents feel listened to, supported and play an important role in decision making about their child
  • Early intervention means that we can close emerging gaps early and/or identify needs and implement support quickly
  • Relationships between staff, pupils, parents and wider professionals are at the heart of everything we do at St Cyprians
  • Pupils will show confidence and resilience in the classroom
  • Pupils will demonstrate high levels of engagement in activities
  • Pupils will make progress from their starting point
  • Pupils will work with peers on a shared task
  • Pupils will be prepared mentally and socially for the challenges that the future may bring


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