School Meals

 The cost of a school meal is £2.30 per day





Children in Early Years and Key Stage 1 will be entitled to a universal free school meal.

You are welcome to pay annually, termly, half termly or weekly. Lunch accounts should be kept in credit at all times, if not the following procedure will apply:

  • A debt list is produced every morning
  • The parent is contacted by text to advise them of their outstanding balance each day they appear on the debt list, to ask them to bring the account into credit
  • Parents are sent parentpay debt letters weekly
  • A fine of £5 will be issued if the child’s lunch account goes overdrawn by £11, which is the equivalent to 1 weeks’ worth of meals. The fine will continue to be applied for each week that the account remains unpaid.

Payments made by PayPoint take 48 hours to appear on our system, so parents need to inform the school a payment has been made and bring in the receipt.

Payments made on the internet should appear instantly.