Useful Links

Here are some websites that we think parents might find useful. Please note that Open Check the web based service that gives parents information about school closures is at the top of the list. Please click on the links to open.

OpenCheck (

Useful internet safety links for parents and carers 

Everybody Worries - A Picture Book for Children

Wellbeing activity ideas

What parents need to know about Whatsapp

What parents need to know about Tik Tok

What parents need to know about Snapchat

What parents need to know about Instagram

What parents need to know about Facebook                 - wide range of advice and resources including guidance on passwords and other security matters   - information on popular social media apps including advice on privacy settings and potential risks to users - includes links to which is a free advice resource for schools and families, and can be linked to school websites – users can report illegal content found online or if they know that their own images have been put online, by themselves or others - report online scams and hoaxes - report into children’s use of social media, including their attitudes and preferences - working with children and adults to prevent abuse, including a helpline for anyone concerned about the behaviour of a child or adult, or who is worried about their own thoughts and feelings about children (0808 1000 900) - Swiggle - child friendly search engine for younger children. For use at home and in school, Swiggle is a child-friendly search engine developed by South West Grid for Learning and built on the Google Safe Search technology. It is free, ad free, has a reporting page for children and adults, active blocking of inappropriate search strings and even a Swigglebot to give advice. - Google Family Link - parental control software. Family Link has been around for some time, but has recently had a much-needed update. You can now limit screen time per app (instead of the whole device) as well as track activity, set daily limits, view device location and more.   - Guidance on the safe use of tiktok


SEND Advice

Talking to children about terrorism

Children's Health Guide

Young Minds Matter - your guide to caring for the mental wellbeing of a child


BBC Parenting Site
Advice for parents of primary-aged children.

BBC Adult Learning
Lots of information about getting into learning.

Ofsted Parent View
Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school.

The latest and widest range of public service information from the UK government.

Open Check - a service that gives information about school closures.
This website gives information about school closures. In the event of a school closure we will keep it updated.

The Parents' Centre
For all parents and carers who want to help their child or children to learn.

Parent Pages
The national directory of services aimed at parents

SureStart Childcare
Where to find childcare in your area.