St Cyprians Greek Orthodox Primary Academy – RE Curriculum Intent


St. Cyprian’s seeks to equip our children with spirituality, curiosity and awareness about the Greek Orthodox religion, as well as other religions around them and the world, in order to inform their choices and enhance well-being as they grow into active members of society. We intend for children to develop a range of inquisitive, evaluation and reflection skills that are fully embedded so that they can be transferred to other curriculum areas whilst promoting children’s cultural development.


Through the framework of the ‘I am strong through Jesus Christ’, Religious Education taught at St Cyprian's Primary Academy, aims to ensure that all children:

  • Are able to use correct vocabulary when recognising, naming and talking about religious artefacts, such as icons, materials and stories during their learning.
  • Learn about and retell stories from religious materials, additionally they are able to answer and question key events within these stories whilst linking new found knowledge to their own experiences and identify what interests or bewilders them.
  • Can selectively gather information from sources and can explain how this can influence and make a difference to themselves and the lives of others. Furthermore, they can identify the similarities and differences in various religions and can explain how these differences are practiced and expressed when presenting work.
  • Are able to analyse religion's effect on community cohesion, its impact on people's lives including their own lives. Moreover, what insights does religion and learning from religious figures give them and others, whilst growing into a spiritual and moral members of society; the way this gives themselves and others peace as well as sense of purpose in their lives.
  • Begin to contribute to discussions offering their own opinion on a variety of topics with the use of religious and philosophical terminology. Are able to persuasively argue their ideals whilst taking into consideration others’ opinions and beliefs.
  • Are immersed in the Greek Orthodox Religion using icons, being part of liturgies, daily prayers and communion. Their work in Religious Education is celebrated through class displays, competitions and whole school assemblies.


At St Cyprian’s, children will have a deep contextual understanding and knowledge of the interaction and impact religion has on people’s lives and how this affects the communities around them. Following on from our school motto of ‘We are strong through Jesus Christ to be the best that we can be’, we endeavor, with the knowledge gained through Religious Education, to perpetually grow and develop into active and moral members of society. Children will have a wealth of spiritual and personal strengths that will allow them to be personally resilient during their daily lives, in an ever changing and adapting world.